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Visualize Complex Processes

All phases of construction can be tracked visually. This technology provides a simple illustration of complex processes.

Safety training and PR

For both visitors and training activities many security risks can be minimized since the site is fully accessible via the computer.

Highlights of a Virtual Construction Documentation


Time Lapse

Virtual time travel is an impressive and completely new way of documenting the progress of construction. It means it is always possible to see changes over time at all locations and all viewing directions. The changing content will be displayed accurately.



In the virtual construction documentation all dates and locations can be accessed in an infinite loop as an automatic tour. The tour can run automatically on a timer if the system is not in use, for instance on displays at fairs or touchscreen information systems.



The clear user interface allows all options for quick navigation. You can reach all locations and dates with a maximum of three mouse clicks.

There is no easier way to present the construction process.


more functions


Target Groups and Applications

Marketing & PR

For visitors, construction site fences normally limit access; with present4D visitors are able to independently explore areas. This includes at different times. With rich media information, you can convey targeted messages and optimize the transfer of knowledge. This creates transparency and trust and positions you as an innovative company.

Project and Construction Management

For large projects, time-saving interactive inspections can be organized to discuss details. By use of time jump, past situations can be accurately recalled.

Planning & Operator

As a planner or operator of a major project present4D gives unique ways to display your projects.

For both customers and employees - present4D is the right choice.