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Customer Loyalty through Transparency

Guest enquiries via the website are fully secure. Show that you deliver what you promise. Thus increase your booking rate.

Atmosphere and function

A taste of the atmosphere, scope and size of your premises can be experienced without words. You can also show types of use for different areas and various seating arrangements.


Highlights of a Virtual Hotel Tour



Take the opportunity to include text, pdfs, videos or related links directly into the panorama photo. Your guest will receive the relevant information exactly where it belongs. Different media for complex topics can be clearly grouped in a “multi-info” spot.



Depending on the viewing direction within a panorama, you can define different text. In this way you can advise user instructions, provide information or launch advertising messages.



Add new text, pdf, or additional links in order to keep the tour up to date. With the editor you can maintain all the content of the tour without prior programming knowledge; it is very similar to any web content management system.

Target Groups and Applications

Holiday & Wellness

When you plan the best days of the year, you want to make especially sure that you are not disappointed. Everything should meet your expectations. Unlike regular photos, with present4D you can demonstrate that nothing will be hidden. There will be no reason to hesitate when booking.

Clients & Meetings

present4D will help your clients to prepare for meetings. Important questions can be answered automatically with the tour. Exactly what you offer can be captured at a glance along with the ambience and comfort the guests can expect.

Celebrations and Events

Web conferences with present4D will show the strength of your operating features most effectively. With present4D you can demonstrate expertise and transparency to build trust at an early stage and retain customers.