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Gamification for your Customer

Through playful and enjoyable customer experience you can most effectively transfer information about your product and your company.

Get Contact

In combination with a lottery you can gather contact information in digital form, which can be used for future acquisitions.



Highlights of the Infotainment-Tour


Searching to win - and advertising

present4D infotainment allows you to "hide" individual icons in a 360° tour. The task will be to find all the hidden symbols. As a result of the search, the tour will bring interesting information to the user. In the end, if all symbols are clicked, the tour leads to a form sheet, for example asking for contact information to participate in a prize draw.


DirectionalText for Notices, Information and Advertising

Depending on the viewing direction within a panorama, you can define different text. In this way you can advise user instructions, provide information or launch advertising messages.


For children and adults

present4D is easy to use. Using suitable interactive 360° images related to the topic it can fascinate both adults and children. This medium can be applied to all target groups.

Target Groups and Applications

Public Relations

Use present4D especially in connection with a prize draw lottery to advertise a new product. The prizes attract future customers – they become fixed by the exciting medium. Your customers are introduced to your product in a fun way and are stimulated to want to know more!

e-Learning & Edutainment

present4D infotainment is just the beginning. We are developing individual e-learning modules as well. The students must read text, solve problems and answer questions. Evaluation of the questions will give an overview of the performance level.