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Optimize Cost-Benefit

Stands are expensive, but will be optimized to your needs and target groups. You will be able to use the virtual tour long after the initial event.

Increase Number of Visitors

With the virtual booth you can even reach customers who could not come to the event in person. The vitality of the virtual booth makes a much greater impression than follow-up with a few brochures.

Highlights of a Virtual Booth


InfoSpot and Multimedia

Take the opportunity to directly place text, pdfs, videos or additional links in the panorama photo. In this way your customer receives the information exactly where it should be. Different media for complex topics can be clearly grouped in a “multi-info” spot. It’s all very simple!



Depending on the viewing direction within a panorama, you can define different text. In this way you can advise user instructions, provide information or launch advertising messages.


Editor & Internal Meetings

Add new text, pdfs, or additional links in order to keep the tour up to date. With the editor you can maintain all the content of the tour without prior programming knowledge; it is very similar to any web content management system. For example, for internal meetings and the further development of the booth, you can easily integrate notes in the panorama photos.

Target Groups and Applications

PR and Marketing

Via the Internet you can reach your worldwide customers without leaving the office. As a company-strategic tool, the tour can be used in many ways: from mass access to the website up to an individually web-guided tour. Even an interactive jump directly into your production site can be easily achieved.

Internal Communication

Not only your customers but also your employees and prospective employees will be inspired by extended use of the booth. They could even contribute new suggestions for the next year.

Documentation and planning

How well could the display case be seen sitting at the bar? Was the catalogue stand optimally positioned? Were the documents meaningful and intuitive? There is no better way to replay what happened at the booth.