New in Version 1.4

Most of the features described here are intended for advanced users. Beyond the advanced features the new version contains some minor improvements and a few bug fixes.

Thanks to all clients for sharing their ideas and suggestions.

Important changes

  • Stereoscopic videos
    square format is now allowed on Windows 10 computers.
  • On Windows 10
    no aditional video codecs are necessary.
  • iOS image size limitation
    In iOS every particular image content is limited to a max width of 3840 pixel. If you like to use 360° photos with a higher resolution please use cubefaces with 1536 x 1536 or 2048 x 2048 pixel each.

New feature and changes overview


  • Improved interface individualisation
  • Desktop icon for GearVR app
  • Realtime text in POIs


  • End actions for 360° videos
  • Screensaver video
  • Define a start location
  • Presentation background sound

Network & Conference

  • 4GB distribution via cloud
  • Use proxy for network
  • Improved network connection
  • Skip connection check
  • Mirror via web smoothing
  • Mirror via web with smartphones
  • Sync slideshow handling

More Devices

  • iOS Version starting at iPhone 6
  • official Vive Beta



Place a folder screensaver with a mp4 video file inside the folder data.

The screensaver currently works only with Oculus Rift or in webmirror mode with Oculus Go /Samsung GearVR.

Known bugs: Confernce & Webmirror Mode: The screensaver will not end if more than two devices are connected to each other.

Skip connection check

In some cases while using a WLan router without internet, the connection check takes more than 20 sec. If you need this setup you can skip the connection check!

Create a dummy file named connectionCheck.ignore (an empty text file is OK) in the following location:

  • On PC
    place the file next to the vr-suite.exe (name can be different)
  • On Android Cardboard
    /Android/data/de.Present4D.VRSuiteCardboard/files/Present4D/[Client-ID xxx-xxx]/connectionCheck.ignore
  • On Android GearVR
    /Android/data/de.Present4D.VRSuiteGearVR/files/Present4D/[Client-ID xxx-xxx]/connectionCheck.ignore


double click opens location menu

In some cases on touchscreens the iMenu opens on every click. This can help sometimes:

  • DoubleClickOpensMenu = true: double click opens location menu

In settings.xml you can make some advanced settings.

disable esc button

Escape to quit only works if this is true.


Rotation in non vr mode

You can manipulate the turning direction, speed and deceleration.

    <!-- Defines the deceleration speed of the non vr user movement.-->
    <!-- Defines the speed of the non vr user movement. -->
  • mouseLookSmoothingSpeed = 1.008
    preset deceleration
  • mouseLookSmoothingSpeed = 1.020
    fast deceleration
  • mouseLookSmoothingSpeed = 1.004
    slow deceleration
  • mouseLookSpeed = 25
    dragging left turns the picture to the right (mouse usage)
  • mouseLookSpeed = -25
    dragging left turns the picture to the left (touchscreen usage)

Asynchronous Spacewarp (ASW)

ASW can help to optimize the performance on slow PCs. For VR-Suite the effect is not useful. So we deactivate ASW on starting the VR-Suite and reactivate on pressing esc.

  • UseASW = false
    deactivate ASW an VR-Suite starting
  • UseASW = true
    no manipulation of your ASW settings

Web sync smoothing

The setting has an effect on the smoothness of latency on conference laser pointer and mirror via web


The smaller the value the smoother the movements but at the expense of the actuality of the position / rotation.

  • NetworkInterpolation = 0.04
  • NetworkInterpolation = 0.01
    very smooth, high latency
  • NetworkInterpolation = 0.08
    juddery, less latency


NEW in V1.5: Proxy handling is now very easy: follw the screen instructions if no internet connection is available.


Please generate an additional file proxy.xml and place it beside the settings.xml

The proxy.xml should contain:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no"?>
 <ProxyServer enabled="true">


please make sure you add the prefix http:// before the IP to create a valid url.

Proxy for GearVR and Cardboard

Please generate an additional file proxy.xml (see above) and place it beside the settings.xml. Additionally the global proxy settings of your smartphone have to be configured with the same settings.


If the file settings.xml is missing on your smartphone, please copy the file proxy.xml into the folder named after your ClientID in the folderpath:

  • On Android Cardboard
  • On Android GearVR

If there is no existing ClientID folder, please initialize your VR-Suite:

  1. Use a not save network
  2. Upload a small non-confidential test presentation with your windows pc to the cloud
  3. Start the VR-Suite app on your smartphone and enter your ClientID
  4. Download the test presentation

Now the setup is ready. In future you can use proxy or copy the presentation via cable.

Conference: Sync Slideshows

UPDATE: also available in iMenu/Settings

Old Info:

In a conference it is possible to sync the slideshow from the leader to all participants. If the leader starts a slideshow, all participants will be pushed in the same 360° location and the slideshow will be opened. The state in videos are not synced. The participants can not close the slideshows. The slideshow closes if the leader close it.

  • DefaultMultiUserSync = false
    no sync from leader to participants
  • DefaultMultiUserSync = true
    sync from leader to participants enabled



Start the presentation with an individual location. Choose a folder.


Global Background Sound

The global background sound plays during the whole presentation.

    <globalBackgroundSound url="ambient.wav" volume="1.0" />
  • File path:
  • File format:

Guided tour HotSpot color

Set an individual color for the guided tour HotSpots. Attention: the RGB value will not fit exactly.

    <tourColor red="0" green="90" blue="140" />

Hide Text for HotSpots and Slideshows

  • true = all text will be invisible

Transparency of HotSpot and Slideshow icons

This parameter can help if you try to match your corporate design more exactly.

  • true
    the icons will be displayed without transparency

Sound Parameters

    <sound ...=... falloff="-1" ...=... >

The falloff controls the angle how far the sound is hearable.

  • falloff=”-1”
    plays no falling off
  • falloff=”90”
    plays 45° to the right and left side.
Parameter can be
0 - 360°

POI real time content

Display content from a website in an POI.


<hotspot pan="0.963562" tilt="2.84503174" text="" icon="poi" scaleH="0.3" distanceH="6" hideText="false">
     <poi headline="Loading" subheadline="Population of India" websiteURL="" refreshRate="1.0" pasteInSubheadline ="false" stringBeforeElement="class=&quot;current-population&quot;&gt;" stringAfterElement="&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/p&gt;" />
  1. Choose a website
  2. Open the website code (right click in browser, “View Page Source”)
  3. Choose a good identifiable string before the information you like to display
  4. Choose a good identifiable string after the information you like to display
  5. Convert the strings xml conform with the following tool:
  6. Copy the strings to stringBeforeElement and stringAfterElement
  • pasteInSubheadline = true
    the information will be pasted into the subheadline
  • pasteInSubheadline = false
    the information will be pasted into the headline

Video end actions

Example for pause: onPanoEnd=”pause”

<location id="1_7" title="stereo video" onPanoEnd="pause" category="" pan="0" tilt="0" backgroundMusic="" northCorrection="0" dateUpId="" dateDownId="" panoOnBackgroundEnd="" volume="0.6">

Example for loop: onPanoEnd=”loop”

<location id="1_7" title="stereo video" onPanoEnd="loop" category="" pan="0" tilt="0" backgroundMusic="" northCorrection="0" dateUpId="" dateDownId="" panoOnBackgroundEnd="" volume="0.6">

Example for go to an other location: onPanoEnd=”loadLocAfterVideo”

<location id="1_6" title="Intro" onPanoEnd="loadLocAfterVideo" goToLoc="1_7" goalKeepCurrentRotation="false" goalFadeInstant="false" goalPan="60" goalTilt="5.5"  category="" pan="266.823853" tilt="1.03375244" backgroundMusic="" northCorrection="0" dateUpId="" dateDownId="" panoOnBackgroundEnd="" volume="0.6"  >
  • goToLoc=”1_7”
  • goalPan=”60”
  • goalTilt=”5.5”
  • goalKeepCurrentRotation=”false”
  • goalFadeInstant=”false”

HotSpot und Slideshow Parameters

<hotspot ...=... scaleH="1.2" distanceH="10" iconType="auto" ...=... >
<slideshow ...=... distance="20.0" scale="3.75" ...=... >
  • scaleH
    size of the HotSpot symbol
  • distanceH
    distance of the HotSpot symbol
  • iconType
    rotation functionality of the HotSpot symbol
    • iconType=”auto”
      standard HotSpot is rotating, individually swapped icon is not rotating
    • iconType=”rotation”
  • scale
    size of Slideshow symbol
  • distance
    distance of Slideshow symbol

Presets for HotSpot und Slideshow Parameters

If you create a new presentation the preset parameters can be defined in the media.xml


Custom Skins

Designing an individual skin for the VR-Suite interface consists of

  • editing of the media.xml file
  • adjusting default colors in the media.xml file
  • copying customized graphics files

Skin Customization

  1. media.xml: Set customColors active and customTextures active to true
  2. Modify the texture template files in Photoshop format (*.psd) provided in the folder data/textures.
  3. Use a droplet to convert them into transparent .png files (24-Bit RGBA)
  4. or: Download an example skin file set from our website and place the provided *.png images in data/textures
  5. media.xml: Adjust colors as needed (the a value is for alpha / transparency)

Logo, Hotspot and Slideshow Icons

To change the symbols for HotSpots and Sideshows please follow this instruction: Use your own icons and Customize logo and interface

Skin color definitions

Example Code Block

        <customColors active="true">
            <colorEntry name="menu_text" r="0" g="0" b="0" />
            <colorEntry name="conference_text" r="255" g="255" b="255" a="255" />
            <colorEntry name="video_grabber" r="255" g="255" b="255" a="255" />
            <colorEntry name="video_time" r="0" g="90" b="140" a="255" />
            <colorEntry name="video_slider" r="255" g="255" b="255" a="255" />
            <colorEntry name="menu_text-marked" r="255" g="255" b="255" />
            <colorEntry name="slide_label-text" r="255" g="255" b="255" />
            <colorEntry name="spot_label-text" r="255" g="255" b="255" />
            <colorEntry name="welcometext_headline" r="255" g="255" b="255" />
            <colorEntry name="welcometext_subheadline" r="255" g="255" b="255" />
            <colorEntry name="slide_load-location-text" r="255" g="255" b="255" a="255" />
            <colorEntry name="poi_headline" r="255" g="255" b="255" a="255" />
            <colorEntry name="poi_subheadline" r="255" g="255" b="255" a="255" />
        <customTextures active="true" />

Skin color definitions for textures


Conference Arrow

        <colorEntry name="laserpointer_leader" r="45.0827141" g="204.375" b="79.13829" a="179" />
        <colorEntry name="laserpointer_follower" r="193.125" g="32.6608429" b="32.6608429" a="179" />

Texture in folder textures:

  • Laserpointer.png
  • GuidedTourArrow.png

3D Object background

Texture in folder textures:

  • model_background.png
  • model_close.png
_images/present4D-VR-Suite-Skin-imenu.jpg _images/present4D-VR-Suite-Skin-slide-video.jpg _images/present4D-VR-Suite-Skin-spots.jpg _images/present4D-VR-Suite-Skin-poi.jpg _images/present4D-VR-Suite-Skin-conferrence.jpg

Video Tutorials