Cloud and Mobile GearVR

Distribution of the presentation to GearVR and Cardboard

New upload into the cloud

  1. Activate Edit Mode
  2. Switch to the tab Cloud
  3. Click on the button Create New Tour at the bottom.
  4. NEW in V1.6 The name of the current presentation is automatically adopted.
  5. Wait until the upload has been completely finished.

Update of an existing presentation

  1. Activate Edit Mode
  2. Switch to the tab Cloud
  3. Update a choosen presentation
  4. Wait until the upload has been completely finished.

The VR-Suite detects automatically if a configuration has changed (changed names, moved symbols…) or even if files have been exchanged. Therefore, the upload time can vary.



Currently, presentations with more than 4 GB filesize cannot be uploaded into the cloud. In one of the upcoming updates, the VR-Suite will be able to update single content files, and a presentation can surpass the 4 GB limit. Currently, the entire presentation will be uploaded in case a media file has been changed.


Alternatives to the Wifi

  • Transfer presentation that are larger than 4GB using the android data transfer (Mac OSX, Windows, see also “transfer data via cable to a smartphone”)
  • Using the application My Files you can copy or move files from a Micro USB-stick to the system memory of the VR-Suite on an android phone.

If you are unable to upload

  1. Did you enter the licence key? Otherwise your will get the message “device is not unlocked”
  2. The name of the tour should only contain letters and numbers. Please don’t use any special characters or spaces.
  3. Make sure, that the entire VR-Suite folder is writable.
  4. Run the VR-Suite as administrator (right click on the VR-Suite, “run as administrator”)

Download to a different device

  1. Launch the VR-Suite app.
  2. Enter the ClientID xxx-xxx on the bottom of the launcher menu.
  3. Load the desired presentation.
  4. The download will continue if you remove the smartphone from the GearVR.
  5. After a successful installation you will get a confirmation sound and a play arrow is visible on top of the preview graphics.


  • The phone could become hot during large downloads. You should supply sufficient cooling.


  • Should a presentation not work as expected:
    1. Delete the data
    2. Restart the phone
    3. Download the data again.


  • We recommend to check the functionality without internet connection prior to the showcasing of important presentations.


  • You will receive the Demo Content “Introduction” with the ClientID “demo-o”

Deletion of presentation on mobile devices

  • To delete presentations, use the dumpster in the launcher.
  • Supress the dumpster & gear wheel: To prohibit an accidental deletion of the presentation (for example during a trade fair), the dumpster can be supressed. (iMenu: Settings: Show Delete Tour Button)

Transfer data to the smarphone via cable

NEW in V1.5: Presentations can be easily transferred to Android and iOS devices via cable:

  1. Activate Edit Mode
  2. Switch to the tab Cloud
  3. Click the Transfer via Cable button and follow the instructions.
  4. Enter the name of the presentation Use only regular ascii alphabet letters and numeric characters, no whitespace
  5. Wait until the upload has been completely finished.

Presentations that are not available on the server are marked with a crossed out cloud symbol. In off line mode, this is the case for all presentations.


Restart Device before transfer

ATTENTION: To avoid errors, you should always restart the Device before transferring a presentation via cable. Otherwise, transfer errors may occur, as the PC may not receive the latest data from the device.



If you want to copy the data manually to the smartphone, you need to install a small presentation through the cloud to generate the necessary folder structure and access rights. Afterwards you can add further presentations via a cable. Manually installed presentations will only be shown in offline mode, without connection to the server.

Datastructure on mobile devices

The files on the smartphone will be stored in the following folder:

  • GearVR:
  • Cardboard:

You will find a folder with your ClientID xxx-xxx in the folder Present4D. This contains the following files:

  • Folder: data_presentationname1
  • Folder: data_presentationname2
  • Folder: ImageCache
  • logo.png
  • p4d.slf
  • settings.xml

Transfer presentations

  1. Transfer the folder data from your PC to the ClientID folder. Make sure, that you only copy all the files. Do not convert them.
  2. Rename date in data_presentationname
  3. Create a preview image in the folder ImageCache. The name must match the name of the presentation and start with an underscore. For example: _presentationname.jpg


  • Special characters like äüöß&/()&%$§!” and whitespaces could lead to errors. Before you copy the folder data, click onto the button Sync Media to optimize all filenames for smartphones.
  • Presentations that are copied manually, will currently only be shown if the phone has no internet connection.

Online & Offline Mode on mobile devices

  • If your phone is connected to the internet, you can download and install the presentations.
  • Already installed tours, which are deleted from the server, will only shown in offline mode.
  • Tours that are manually installed and are not uploaded to the server are currently shown only in offline mode.
  • You can delete all presentations on android via Settings: Applications: Applicationmanager, VR-Suite

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