Basic Principle

  • Collect basis media as 360-degree images and 360-degree videos
  • Collect multi-media content (for slideshows)
  • Prepare the structure of your walk through using the windows explorer
  • Import and position the elements either in the VR-mode or using the mouse.View also: Icons in the 360-degree view

Start and stop Edit-mode

start the edit-mode with a double click (or 10-times click):

  • PC: on the space key or the Oculus remote control
  • GearVR: on the hardware key “back”
  • Cardboard: on the display of the phone


If the edit mode is exited right after launch, it could be that you have not sufficient privilege on windows. Please start the VR-Suite as administrator. (right button click on the application –> launch as administrator)

Lock the Editor (Password)

The editor can be locked to prevent an accidental launch during a presentation.

  1. Start edit-mode
  2. Tab Settings
  3. Start Editor
  • 2 x Space
  • 10 x Space (10-times click + password “edit”)



If you opened the editor using a 10-times click, it will be open with a double click until the next restart of the application.


Every time you start the editor-mode, a backup of the media.xml will be created in the folder “backups”. The versioning is limited to 20 backups. The configuration of your presentation is stored in the file media.xml.

Video Tutorials