Functions and Settings

All important settings are made in the VR-Suite via the iMenu.

Some advanced settings can also be manually configured by advanced users in the XML files settings.xml and media.xml. In the setings.xml you will find general information that is more tied to the device or the user, such as the name to be displayed during a conference or network settings (proxy). The media.xml stores all information related to the presentation, e.g. the paths to the 360° media used or the location of the HotSpots in the panorama.

Start Edit Mode

See Start and stop Edit-mode

Open the iMenu

  1. Look straight forward
  2. Move your head downward for about 45 degrees
  3. click onto the i
  4. Move your head sideways to close

iMenu: Locations

The following settings are stored in the media.xml file.


Open Windows folder


If you aim for the icon to the left of the location name, the corresponding Windows folder will be opened.

Change order in the iMenu

  1. Select the icon for the movement of a location
  2. Select more locations if needed
  3. Select the icon to set the locations

Change name

Icon pen: All hotspots that point to this location will be renamed too.

Load 360-degree location

Icon circular arrow: load corresponding location.

Lens Flare

Icon sun: Switch on lens flare for this location. The lens flare is an effect that can be put on top of the sun.

Welcome Text

Welcome text that will be shown, when the location is loaded. You can select in the setting: Show Welcome Text, if the text is shown every time a location is loaded, or only once.

  • Headline
  • Subheadline (optional)

360° Videos Play/Pause

  • Activated: in 360-degree videos, the video controls will be shown when you look down (about 80°)
  • Deactivated: the 360° video controls will not be shown. That is useful for menu structure based on 360° videos.

iMenu: HotSpots

The following settings are stored in the media.xml file.


Change name

Icon pen: Changed names will be shown by an orange colored pen icon.

Load 360-degree location

Icon circular arrow: load corresponding location.

Link 360° locations / HotSpots

Icon HotSpot Circle: Activate/deactivate Link to this location

HotSpot visibility

Icon eye

  • Visible
  • Only visible during approach
  • Invisible

Guided Tour HotSpot

Icon cycle

  • The user can find guided tour hotspots faster, as the green arrow in the middle of the view is pointing to the hotspot. Therefore, only one guided tour hotspot is possible for each location.
  • Turn on the green arrow in the setting: Laserpointer & Guided Tour

HotSpot Filter

Icon HotSpot Filter: Is the filter activated, all locations that are linked to the current position will be shown. (independent of submenus)

iMenu: Slideshow & Multimedia

The following settings are stored in the media.xml file.



Closing of slideshows

Rotate your head by 90 degrees to the side.

winding in videos

Click onto the desired position of the videos in the timeline.

Automated navigation buttons

  • All necessary navigation buttons are automatically shown or hidden.
  • If there is multiple content in a slideshow, navigation keys to control the slideshow are visible. The slideshow starts automatically.

Possible Settings

Deactivate Play/Pause

Icon Play/Pause: The Play/Pause key can be deactivated in the editor. The slideshow starts paused then. This is useful, when you integrate text-charts.

Duration of the slideshows

  • You can adjust the duration of the slideshows globally in the setting: Picture Time.
  • If you switch the duration of the slideshows to “individual” in the settings, the duration can be set individually in the media.xml file.
  • Videos run until the end, then switch to the next content.

Slideshow Icon Visibility

Icon eye

  • Visible
  • Only visible during approach
  • Invisible

Change Slideshow Name

Icon pen: Change the name.

Point of Interest

Icon button below: Use POIs to mark areas of a 360° location.

  • Headline
  • Subheadline (Optional)

Audio Volume

Icon loudspeaker: To adjust the volume, point to a location on the white line. The volume will jump there.

iMenu: Settings (Gear wheel)

The following settings are stored in the settings.xml file.

_images/imenue-settings1.jpg _images/imenue-settings2.jpg

Number in Menu

Using this function, in the iMenu, a numbering can be shown left of the location.

  • Off
  • By Category: Each folder of the menu will be renumbered from 1
  • Folder ID: Shows the name of the folder 1_x. Attention: the edit mode always shows the folder ID
  • Continuous: All locations are numbered independently of the folders

Conference Mode

During a conference, you can use multiple devices to view a presentation. The presentation needs to be downloaded to all devices first. The participants will see the view point of the others as laser pointers.

  • Start Tour Alone: No selection is shown at the launch. The presentation will be launched in single mode.
  • Choose at Start: At launch the user can choose if he wants to “Start Tour Alone”, “Start Conference” oder “Enter Conference” (when a conference is already started by another participant).
  • Host Conference: Starts a conference automatically
  • Join Conference: Join the first available conference

More information about the conference mode: Conference Mode

Conference Slideshow Sync

In a conference it is possible to synchronize the slideshow view of the conference leader with all participants. When the chair starts a slideshow, all participants are brought to the same 360° location and the slideshow is opened. The status in videos is not synchronized. The participants cannot close the slideshow. The slideshow is closed when the leader closes it.

See 3D Objects & Conference known bugs

Mirror via Web Receive

NEW in V1.4: also works with mobile devices.

Mirror the view of a GearVR onto a PC. You can use this PC with a connected TV to show the current view of the GearVR to other visitors of a trade show. The PC starts the conference (via Internet or LAN). You need to join the conference on the GearVR.

  • Off
  • Receive from Leader
    • Attention: in this mode, the PC cannot be controlled as it is remote controlled
    • Exit the mode temporarily: Crtl + w
    • You can switch of the mode permanently only through the settings.

View also: Mirror conference to PC or Device

See 3D Objects & Conference known bugs

Start Editor

To prevent the editing of the presentation during a trade show, you can enable the edit mode lock. (GearVR: hardware key “back”; Cardboard: touch onto screen; Oculus Remote Control: middle button)

  • 2 x space
  • 10 x space + password “edit”

NEU in V1.6 Change Editor Password:

WARNING: Once you change your password, you will not be able to reset it!

WARNING: The new password is valid for all devices associated with your ClientID and will be synchronized over the Internet.

If you lose your password, we can reset it for you, but we need your serial number for authentication!

Conference Name

Preset of the your name in a conference

Laser & Guided Tour

You can switch on the laser pointer, when there are a lot of inexperienced users watching the presentation. It will be easier for them to select the icons. We suggest to leave the Conference Name empty. Guided Tour activates an arrow that will always point to the Guided Tour hotspot. This makes it easier to find the “next” hotspot and not to get lost in the presentation.

  • Off
  • Laser
  • Guided Tour

License & Logo Registration

  • Register the current logo and splash screen
  • Show the currently used VR-Suite version
  • Display of the current user

NEW in V1.6** The serial number will be entered in the launcher as of now: New Launcher and File Structure

Quality Settings

Setting of the rendering quality of all content.

  • High: Best rendering quality. Depending on the PC or smartphone, this could lead to frame dropping or overheating.
  • Medium: good rendering quality that should work on many devices
  • Low: simple image quality that should improve the rendering speed on older devices


Supplementary settings for the PC

The PC Version allows supplementary settings when you push the Crtl key right after the double click onto the VR-Suite launch icon. Optimal settings are:

Screen: 1920x1080

Graphics quality: Level 3.

iMenu Responsive

To access the iMenu, you need to do the following gestures.

  1. Look forward
  2. Move head downward at a pleasant speed until the i is shown.

You can select with the iMenu Responsive, how fast the “i” will be shown.

  • Off: the i will never be shown (except in edit mode)
  • Low: you need to move the head very precisely straight downward. Meant for professional users, so the i will not distract too often.
  • Middle: Even with some sideways movement, the i will be shown.
  • Everytime: the i will be shown always. For beginners and frequently changing audience.

Show Delete Tour Button

This button has been renamed to Presentation Safe Mode.

Presentation Safe Mode

NEW in V1.6** To prevent a presentation from being inadvertently altered, the following functions are hidden in the launcher in Presentation Safe Mode:

  • Enter ClientID
  • Enter Serial
  • Reload Settings
  • Duplictae Presentation
  • Delete Presentation
  • Only the already loaded presentations are displayed. Presentations that are additionally available on the server are hidden.

Possible Settings

  • False
  • True

The Presentation Safe Mode is indicated by a small lock symbol in the launcher.

Picture Time

Settings for the display duration of slideshow images. Videos will run until their end.

  • 2 sec
  • 3,5sec
  • 5sec
  • 7sec
  • individual (the durations can be set in the file media.xml individually)

Show Welcome Text

Welcome text that will be shown, when the location is loaded.

  • show once: the welcome text is shown only when the location is loaded for the first time. (This can be reset using the x key)
  • show every time: shows the welcome text always when a location is loaded.

Automatic Tour Start

NEW in V1.6 When you turn on Automatic Tour Start, the current presentation is automatically loaded when you start the VR-Suite. The launcher will be skipped. This function can only be switched off here in the menu.

  • Disabled
  • Enabled

Cloud Upload & File transfer via cable

  • In the list, all uploaded tours are shown.

  • If you changed the current presentation or the settings, you can update the tour. In case of changing any kind of media files, currently the entire tour will be uploaded again.

  • Use the recycle bin icon to delete a presentation from the server.

  • If you want to upload a new presentation, click onto “Create new Tour” on the bottom, and give it a new name. Please use only numbers and letters. No special characters or spaces.

  • Not iOS compatible: some media of presentation are too large for iOS devices. maximal sizes of 360-degree media

  • NEW in V 1.5: simply transfer the presentation by cable: Improved data transfer to mobile devices via cable

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