VR-Suite Manual

This manual is targeted at all users of the “Virtual Reality Suite” of present4D. It will be continuously improved. In case of any question, don’t hesitate to contact our support by e-mail at tt@present4D.de or via phone at +49 211 4685240.


Most recent features of version 1.4 are available as addendum for this manual.

You find e.g. infos related to
  • Usage of the advanced configuration directly in the XML-settings

  • Support for HTC Vive and iOS


Improved interface individualisation, Desktop icon for GearVR app, Realtime text in POIs
End actions for 360° videos, Screensaver video, Define a start location, Presentation background sound, Network & Conference, 4GB distribution via cloud, Use proxy for network, Improved network connection, Skip connection check, Mirror via web smoothing, Mirror via web with smartphones, Sync slideshow handling
More Devices
iOS Version starting at iPhone 6, official Vive Beta

Video Tutorials