Preparation of a Windows PC

  1. Install the current Oculus Rift software and set it up. (In case you want to use an Oculus Rift)

  2. Update Windows and your graphics drivers.

  3. In case your multimedia content is not played properly, you might have to install the LAVFilter video codecs on all current Windows Versions.

In case there are no VR-glasses connected, the mouse & keyboard mode is started automatically.

Launch the VR-Suite

  1. Unpack the “present4D” software bundle.

  2. Launch the VR-Suite with a double click.


Allow everything in the firewall setting

During the first launch, a firewall warning will pop up. Please allow all communication to the network. Otherwise you probably will be unable to activate your license and you will have issues in the conference mode.



In the PC version, you can access the supplementary Display Quality settings by pressing the Crtl key right after the double click to launch the VR-Suite. Optimal settings are: Screen:1920x1080, Graphics quality: Level 3.


Notices for advanced users

  • To achieve maximal quality, you should deactivate ASW!

  • After exiting with “ESC”, ASW will be enabled again.

Video Tutorials