Diagram Overview


Some functionality is still in beta testing.

System Requirements

To create a presentation, you need a PC with Windows 10 that conforms to Oculus: Without a headset, a business laptop that is not too old is often strong enough. Please test the trial version before purchasing. Also all newer Apple computers should work fine (without VR Headset.)

Introduction into the VR-Suite


Link zu Youtube Tutorial Videos

After the Installation

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Health and safety warnings:

  • Don’t use the glasses alone.
  • In case you feel uncomfortable, remove the glasses immediately
  • Read the following warnings carefully to reduce the risk of personal damage, discomfort or property damage.

The specialty of the VR-Suite

The VR-Suite it targeted at an efficient workflow in a professional environment. The creation of presentation is possible with or without VR glasses.

The perfect approach

  1. Collect all media, name the files properly and structure it correctly using the VR-Suite on Windows.
  2. During the launch of the VR-Suite, it automatically
    • creates all 360-degree locations
    • positions all slideshows at the proper 360 locations
    • links all 360 degree locations with hotspots
    • names all hotspots and slideshows according to the names in Windows
    • changes all file names, to be properly used on mobile devices
    • the iMenu will be automatically constructed
  3. With a double click open the editor, to
    • move all elements through drag&drop. This is fast and fun.
    • change all configurations in VR
    • correct texts
    • create points of interest
    • structure the iMenu with sub menus
  4. Load the finished presentation into the cloud using the integrated upload function.
  5. Install the complementary VR-Suite App on mobile devices and enter the VR-Suite ClientID.
  6. Download your presentation and launch it.
  7. Now you can use your presentation even offline or launch a conference.

Video Tutorials