You will receive a 32 digit license key

Enter the license key

_images/lizenz1.jpg _images/lizenz2.jpg

Following these steps, you will transfer the license key for unlocking into the VR-Suite:

  1. Copy the 32 digit license key into the clipboard using Crtl.+c.
  2. Launch the VR-Suite (better in desktop and not in VR-mode)
  3. Enter the edit mode (by double tapping the space bar)
  4. Select the tab settings (gear wheel icon)
  5. Scroll to the end of the second page to select manage license
  6. Select Enter License
  7. Select the input box for the license key
  8. Use Crtl + v to paste the license key from the clipboard
  9. select Close
  10. Exit the VR-Suite with ESC and restart.


The input does not work for an empty project! Project data must be available.


Issues with licensing

Should you encounter any issues during the licensing process, it could be because of your network, your firewall, or your anti virus software. The first step is to try using a different connection of the PC to access the internet.

Video Tutorials