Conference Mode

During a conference, the viewing direction of each participant will be shown by a laser pointer. This simplifies the communication between the users. Navigation aids simplify the sticking together of the group and their synchronization during a conference.


Technical background

Device independent conferences

Different devices can participate in a conference

  • PC in desktop mode

  • PC with Oculus Rift

  • PC with HTC Vive (Beta)

  • Samsung Gear VR

  • Cardboard Android in VR mode

  • Cardboard Android without VR glasses

  • Cardboard iOS in VR Mode (Beta)

  • Cardboard iOS without VR glasses (Beta)

Data and traffic

To be able to start a conference on multiple devices, you nee to install the VR-Suite onto all participating devices and download the required presentation. During a conference, only the movement information will be transmitted, as the media data is already present in the device.Therefore a conference is even possible with a slow internet connection.

Online and offline

The conference can be started through the internet or in a LAN.


Important note about Wifi & LAN & Firewalls

The firewall, anti virus tools or blocked ports can hinder the function of the conference mode. Smartphone hotspots generally work well. (Attention to the data volume)


Offline usage

To use a conference offline, use a router without internet connection. This can lead to a more stable function during trade fairs or similar events.

Start conference


Enable conference menu

  1. enter edit mode

  2. open iMenu

  3. Settings –> Conference Mode: “choose at start
  4. Leave edit mode

  5. restart the VR-Suite

Conference menu options

The conference menu will be shown after the launch of the VR-Suite. It shows the following options:

  • Start Tour Alone starts the presentation without conference mode

  • Start Conference Opens a new conference

  • Enter Conference If present, join an existing conference

Start Conference

After selecting Start Conference you can launch a conference directly by selecting the arrow on the bottom right. This is complemented by three options.

  • Conference Select a name for your conference. This name will be shown in the conference menu at Enter Conference

  • Password protect your conference with a password. This does not work with local conferences.

  • Username Select your Name during the conference.

Enter Conference

As soon as a conference is started, it will be shown in the conference menu of the other VR-Suite users. Select Enter Conference to join. There are the following options:

  • Password Enter the password if one is set.

  • Username Select your Name during the conference.


Save your name for a conference as a preset

Your name during a conference can be stored in case you join a conference regularly:

  1. enter edit mode

  2. open iMenu

  3. Settings –> Your Name in Conference

Control a conference


The leader of a conference can be recognized by the green laser pointer. The leader sees his own laser pointer as a green arrow, in case the location contains tour hotspots. All other participants see themselves as red arrows pointing into the direction of the leader. This makes finding the leader easy.


All participants, but the leader will be known as followers. The red arrow always points to the leader which makes it easy to find him.

Conference controls


Every participant of a conference can make himself leader to enable commenting on something in case it is his turn.

  1. Do the gesture to obtain the iMenu icon. (Look straight forward and move the head downward)

  2. Move your head towards the “i” but don’t move the cursor onto the “i”. This would open the iMenu.

  3. Left of the “i” the conference controls will open.

  4. Settle your cursor onto the word “Conference”.

You have the following options

  • Lead You will be the leader. All other participants are moved to your viewpoint.

  • Follow If you lost the leader, your viewpoint will be moved to the leader’s viewpoint.

  • Laser toggles the laser pointers.


    • Lead = m
    • Laser = l

Synchronize slideshows

As a beta function, the leader can control the slideshows of all participants. The changing of the frames of the video is not synchronized yet. To start and end this mode, press the “shift” key on a PC. To use this functionality as leader on mobile devices, you will find this information soon in the chapter “not officially supported functions”.

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